Friday, 28 October 2016

All Hallows' Thief

Halloween, Halloween
Strangest sights I’ve ever seen,
Corporate Goons, stealthy Drones,
Mercs and Gangers,
Warfare Zones.
Halloween, Halloween
Deadliest I’ve ever seen!

This PDF brings you an adventure framework to run for your Interface Zero 2.0, Daring Tales of the Sprawl, Savage Shadowrun, or any other urban setting game. It assumes a more gritty dystopian tone, but it could be run in a modern setting as well.
Strictly speaking it is not a Savage Worlds One Sheet, as there are no stat blocks or mechanical passages in it. Instead All Hallows' Thief provides you with an overview of the situation, the important NPCs, and the main location. Due to this generic approach the GM will have to adapt it for their respective games, but this being Savage Worlds it should be easy to do so.
So what is it about? A stolen piece of art, a desperate art thief and his double-crossing fence, a ruthless gang, the Yakuza, and a band of player characters smack dab in the middle of it all. The tricks are high stakes and the treats may either be a fat paycheck, or a bullet with the character's name on it.

You can find All Hallows' Thief here (PDF):

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