Savage Shadowrun Second Edition (Shadowrun 2nd Edition in Savage Worlds)

Welcome to 2053, chummers!

So much has happened. The world has seen the return of Magic. Creatures only known from fairy tales roam the lands. Corporations rose and grew beyond the limits and capabilities of entire nations. Technology went into lightning-fast overdrive and brought us implants, functional autopilots, and a world-spanning neural hallucination called The Matrix. Cities spread beyond the thresholds of functional society. There, in the shadows of those with power, lives the Shadowrunner. An outlaw, outcast, who does what he can to get by, paid by corporations to do their dirty work for them, a deniable and easily discarded asset.

Are you savage enough to live this life? Will you tear through the lies, find what they paid you to obtain, smash what they don't want to exist, and walk away breathing at the end? Or will you end in the gutter, burned out, a broken tool no longer useful for them?

I proudly present to you, my very own take at converting the acclaimed Shadowrun setting to Savage Worlds. Specifically, the world of Shadowrun as it was in version 2 of the game back in 1992. The Matrix is still wired, the Streetsam doesn't have to worry about a Hacker bricking his Boosted Reflexes (mainly because there are no Hackers here, this is Decker country!), Shaman still commune with Spirits of Nature... but don't worry, everybody is still out to get you.

This is still a work in progress. I have been running sessions for more than two years now, so I know it holds up very well at the table (yes, even Deckers!), but there is most likely still room for improvement. As with any conversion, feedback is most welcome.

"Author's Note" from the document:

Welcome to my Savage Worlds Companion of Shadowrun Second Edition. Existing Savage Worlds conversions focus on Shadowrun 4+, however I am a huge fan of the earlier versions of Shadowrun. The 2050s are where I like it best, and so the plan for a fully fleshed-out companion of Savage Worlds for playing Shadowrun during the times of the Second (and, maybe later, Third) Edition was born.
I tried to capture the flair of Shadowrun which originated in certain game mechanics. If you have played Shadowrun with the official rules before, you will recognize Essence and Ki Points, although both have been modified to fit into the Savage Worlds rule system. I modified cyberware and Ki powers in order to better integrate them into the Savage Worlds rules. I also took the liberty of using the price tables from Shadowrun 4 as a baseline for prices, because the Shadowrun 2 prices for cyberware and other things are simply ridiculous.
Savage Shadowrun Second Edition is a Companion, so it does not provide any of the setting background. You will need the
Shadowrun Second Edition Core Rulebook (mostly for the Shadowrun background, but also for some descriptions of cyberware, powers, and equipment) and the Savage Worlds Core Rulebook Deluxe Edition (called Savage Worlds DX in this document). There may be some things taken from other Shadowrun sourcebooks, but those will be explained, so you don't need any of the other Shadowrun books.
If you’re familiar with other Shadowrun conversions, you may find some similarities with them in this companion. Sometimes I took inspiration from the work of others, other times it was simply coincidence. Everybody whose work contributed to this conversion is listed in the Thank You 
section in the appendix.

See you in the shadows, and always remember:

Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never,
ever, cut a deal with a dragon!

-Manuel “ManuFS” Sambs  

Google Drive Share
This share holds the Companion document in 4 versions:
High Res Version (300dpi, full covers, background and images)
Normal Version (full covers, background and images)
PFL: Printer-friendly light (covers and images, but no background)
PF: Printer-friendly (no covers, backgrounds, or images)

The share also holds a rudimentary character sheet in 2 versions:
Normal Version (with background image)
PF: Printer-friendly (no background)

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