Thursday, 2 March 2017

Savage Shadowrun Second Edition version 0.9 released!

Savage Shadowrun Second Edition Release 0.9 is here!

It has been some time since the last release, and a lot of work has been done on Savage Shadowrun SE in the meantime. The main focus of this update is the Matrix chapter, which now comes with even faster rules for having the Decker run the Matrix and break into systems at the table, without the rest of the group having the time to order and eat pizza!
A few adjustments have also been made in the Magic chapter, and some cyberware and equipment has been reworked. Check the changelog below for all major changes.

You can find the updated PDFs in the usual place, in normal, printer friendly light, and printer friendly versions. But wait, there's more! For all of you who want that extra bit of crystal-clear resolution there's now a 300dpi version of the PDF!
Also, if you missed the post on Google+, there is now a rudimentary character sheet available, both in normal and printer friendly versions. You can find them with the Companion PDFs.

Enjoy the shadows, chummers!

The changelog for V0.9:


Since Savage Shadowrun Second Edition does not provide any setting information which is not needed to explain the new rules and/or mechanics, it has been renamed to a Companion instead of a Conversion.

A ton of small errors (grammar, spelling, etc.) has been corrected

Character Creation:

Contacts and the Connections Edge are now seperate again. Contacts represent single persons a Shadowrunner knows and may call upon for help and usually has to pay.
The Connections Edge represent a group which can help the Shadowrunner.

This is no longer a seperate skill. Astrally perceiving/projecting characters now use Notice.

The Hacking skill has been renamed to Decking.


Reordered Magic Backlash into the setting rules, expanded the rules, and clarified Drain damage.

Elementals now only require an action to summon instead of a few hours, but Mages require a source of the respective element when summoning them.

Foci are now bound individually with Edges.
Spell Foci give a bonus to a specific power and now act like Trademark Weapon.
Power Foci give a general Spellcasting bonus, but come at the price of additional potential for disaster.
Weapon and Sustaining Foci remain unchanged in their function, but are now also bound individually with Edges.

-Ki Adept Powers
Many powers have been reworked to reduce redundancy with existing Edges and reduce overal complexity.


Initiative in the Matrix has been clarified and reworked. There are no longer boosters which would be redundant to existing Edges.

Prices have been adjusted.

Utilities have been completely overhauled. They no longer have an individual rating and now come at a flat price. They now provide the Decker with the capabilities of certain skills in the Matrix (Fighting, Stealth, Persuasion, Notice), or useful tools (Decrypt, Armour, and more). In any case the Decker rolls their Decking Skill, the Utility now simply enables them to do so in the respective situation.

-Actions in the Matrix
These have been reworked accordingly to the new Utilities. Matrix actions now largely work like real-world skills to make the Matrix more easy to get into for players.


Some cyberware has been reworked to remove redundancies to existing Edges and/or reduce overall complexity. For example, Wired Reflexes no longer copy the Level Headed Edge, but grant a flat bonus to Agility rolls when trying to interrupt an opponent on their turn.

Some equipment has been reworked to reduce overall complexity.

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